A Christian Musical Experience

 In the beginning, there were seven musicians just ordinary people, when a Christian Contemporary sound was born in 1994. Eyewitness was the name given to this band. Each member felt a calling from God to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music. And so they did. They intended to play their hearts out for the Lord, to win the lost and feed the found. As they went from church to church responding to His call, they played His mighty message. Original and Praise and Worship songs became their foundation for over 200 concerts. Eyewitness has made its mark on the tri-state area and Long Island by blessing people from all denominations of the Christian Faith.

Currently, the seven members of Eyewitness have dedicated their lives to pass along their blessings. Throughout the years there have been some changes in members but because of their steadfast love for the Lord and a strong commitment to His message, Eyewitness has to follow His command, "Go and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:19.